What’s Next?

How do I retain Ilana Tamari

Get into Contact with Ms. Tamari:

The first step is to set up a telephone call with Ilana Tamari. Counsel or clients are invited to email or telephone Ilana to discuss which service would be most appropriate.

1. Initial Consultation

A free half-hour consultation with counsel and/or clients to discuss which service they are seeking. Cursory information will be welcomed such as where you reside and how many children you have and whether or not you have a parenting plan or Minutes of Settlement signed or whether you are in the initial stages and require assistance to develop a parenting plan.

2. Retain

After the initial consultation, should you wish to work with Ms. Tamari, a retainer agreement will be signed and retainer provided. Depending on the particular service required, the contract will be signed by you, your ex-spouse and ILA from your counsel. If the service you require is mediation then an ILA is highly recommended but not required.

3. Schedule Initial Intake & Screening Interview

Ilana will schedule an intake interview, for one to two hours in duration to obtain specific information about your current situation and needs. The intake will also include a screening of domestic violence and power imbalances between you and your ex-spouse.