Voice of the Child Report

Views & Preferences

Ilana Tamari provides Voice of the Child Report as a cost-effective assessment for children that are of latency age and teenagers alike.

Voice of the Child Reports are focused on the Views and Preferences of the child/ren. They are brief and focused in nature. As part of the Voice of the Child Report, Ms. Tamari holds a one-hour interview with each parent in order to gain the context for the issues at hand. Ms. Tamari will meet with the child/ren two or three times to obtain their views and preferences, and to ascertain the consistency of their views. 

A brief report is then issued to the parents and/or the Courts if requested. This service is not intrusive nor costly compared with a Forensic Evaluation. Often times the VOC Report serves to drive settlements and agreements. 

The Voice of the Child Report, unlike a Forensic Evaluation, does not render recommendations nor weigh in on Best Interests. VOC Report will address the views and preferences of the child and put forth themes and perspectives, in order to reach settlement.

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