Ilana Tamari is Chartered and an Accredited Family Mediator, a Divorce Mediator, Collaborative Family Law Neutral Professional Toronto, Family Mediation & Arbitration, Parenting Coordination, Section 30 Forensic Evaluator, and provides other specialized services such as the Voice of the Child Reports.

What our clients have to say

I have known Ilana Tamari for approximately the past 10 years. She has always appeared to me to be a competent mediator for child related issues. 

My last case that Ms. Tamari mediated was probably the most difficult cases that I have encountered in my career. She skillfully mediated a resolution for the family which was quite an accomplishment given the circumstances.

Jack Family Law

Susan Jack

I have known Ms. Tamari for well over 10 years and have had the pleasure to work with her on many complicated and highly charged diverse matters. She is the quintessential professional and high ethical standards while being child focused. She has managed single handedly to mediate and successfully settle many of my multifaceted cases.

My former Colleague also worked with her at our firm (Bobbi Olsen) who I believe still refers to her and has found her to possess the same qualities.

I recommend Ms. Tamari to many of my firm's partners most notably Grant Gold who is using her for another complex matter.

It is without any hesitation that I can recommend her as an acclaimed mediator, one of the best I have known in the City of Toronto and the GTA.

Ricketts Harris LLP

Elizabeth Mourao

I am a family lawyer who has used the services of Ms. Tamari's reputation amongst the family law bar is exemplary. She is often times recommended by my colleagues and myself to conduct assessments under section 30 of the Children's Law Reform Act.

Even when involved in high custody and access disputes, I usually advise my clients that it is my firm belief that Ms. Tamari has the experience and know-how to facilitate reasonable solutions and provide sage advice to try to avoid future conflicts.

In one recent example, Ms. Tamari was able to get the parents (one of whom was my client) in a very high conflict scenario to enter into a parenting plan and agree to use her as  mediator/arbitrator. I did not believe that such a result could be achieved, but both of the parties seemed to respect and trust Ms. Tamari's views and recommendations, despite having contradictory parenting styles.

Viater Law LLP

Philip Viater

I am a family lawyer and I have known Ms. Tamari through my practice. Ms. Tamari has worked along with myself and members of our firm on many occasions as a mediator/parenting coordinator specializing in custody/access and separation/divorce matters. 

During my time working with Ms. Tamari I can confirm that she is an individual of great indegrity and strong work ethics. She is dedicated to obtaining results that are child focused and beneficial to all parties.

Christien Seaton Burrison Hudani LLP

Jessica Braude

I write to confirm that I have known Ilana in a professional capacity for over ten years. 

Ilana studied family mediation with Riverdale (the 40 hour course). I found Ilana to be an excellent mediation student who achieved very positive results in the simulations. 

She also has lectured in our course on Screening for Power Imbalances and Domestic Violence. Ilana led the class in a demonstration of interviewing skills. Her lecture and coaching were very well received. 

Ilana’s child centred approach to her work, her positive attitude and her credibility in the profession are all attributes that in my view support her application for accreditation with the OAFM.

Hilary Linton

Hilary Linton

I confirm that I have known Ms. Tamari professionally for in excess of 10 years. I have had the benefit of knowing Ms. Tamari and working with her on a number of files where I have acted as Children's Lawyer 

where Ms. Tamari assists as a Clinical Investigator. In her process, Ms. Tamari has demonstrated a clear ability to address complex separations especially where there is high conflict. Ms. Tamari has proven to have strong skills to mediate disputes between the parents as that is often a role the OCL assumes prior to the matter proceeding to a Trial or Motion.

In addition to working with me when I have acted as counsel for a child, Ms. Tamari has also worked privately on files where I have acted for one of the parents. In that capacity, Ms. Tamari has demonstrated strong insight regarding the issues between the parties and has shown an ability to assist the parties in resolving the dispute without continued litigation.

Epstein Cole LLP

Stephen J Codas

“Ilana is an experienced assessor, mediator and parenting coordinator with many years of experience in this field. Ilana is a well respected professional in this high conflict arena. Ilana is valued for her strong clinical skills, her sense of professionalism, and her contributions to the field through participating in various committees and conferences. I would be happy to provide a further reference regarding Ilana’s credentials and experience as a dispute resolution professional.”

Assessor/Mediator/Parenting Coordinator at Lourdes Geraldo & Associates

Lourdes Geraldo

“Ilana has provided invaluable services to clients and friends alike. She is eminently professional and highly skilled. More importantly, she cares deeply about her clients and about her work.”

Owner, Dani Z Frodis Barristers

Dani Z. Frodis