Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordinator

Separation agreements, court orders and parenting plans often outline Custody and Access matters in detail, however, there are often small but important aspects that are not included which cause great strife and conflict between parents. Such conflict bodes negatively on children, who need to be unencumbered by the ongoing dispute between their parents. The Parenting Coordinator deals with the implementation of the Parenting Plan set out by Court Order or by way of Minutes of Settlement. The Parenting Coordinator strives to implement and execute the Parenting Plan so as to ensure that the children are shielded and buffered from the conflict that ensues between their parents. As such, this service is provided and reserved for moderate to high conflict families, where significant conflict still exists despite having a Parenting Plan in place.

The Parenting Coordinator seeks to fine-tune details such as what happens if a child or parent is sick, or if school is cancelled, exactly when do transfer times take place, how will decisions about health care and education be made and how to resolve disagreements such as extra-ordinary family events that fall outside the parameters of the Parenting Plans. Parenting Coordination includes elements of education, coaching, facilitating, mediating, and at times, arbitrating.

Arbitration as Part of Parenting Coordination: 

The Parenting Coordinator’s goal is to better clarify and clearly define the Parenting Plans as issues arise. Should the parties not be able to come to an agreement, Ilana Tamari can act as an arbitrator to resolve the issues in dispute. In this role, she will review each party’s submitted material and arbitrate based on the best interests of the children while staying within the parameters set out by the Parenting Plan and within Family Law. The decisions that Ilana Tamari renders after arbitration are legally binding.