Forensic Evaluation

Forensic Parenting Plan Evaluations – s. 30 (Children's Law Reform Act)

Ilana Tamari, as a Parenting Plan Evaluator, may be appointed by the courts or may be designated by a consent order to carry out a Parenting Plan Evaluation (formerly known as custody and access assessment) and make recommendations to be submitted to the court or to the parents.

Ilana Tamari gathers information through interviews with parents, partners, children, professionals, friends and family members. Ilana Tamari also conducts observational visits between the parents and their children. Psychological and personality testing may be required, but is considered on a case by case basis. Ilana Tamari compiles and gathers all the above-noted information and submits her clinical impressions and professional recommendations for the consideration of the court under the Children’s Law Reform Act

Section 30 Evaluation or Parenting Plan Evaluation is a complex and comprehensive process. A report may need to be produced if the parents or the courts have requested it. Typically the assessment spans three to four months in duration and takes 45 to 60 hours to complete but this can vary from case to case.

Ilana Tamari strives to attempt to settle the dispute so as to enable the parents to move forward in positive ways and help alleviate much of the conflict and stress that has ensued. Ilana’s ultimate goal is to oversee and ensure that the recommendations are in the best interests of a developing child/ren.