What you need to know about divorce mediation.

Mediation is a cost-effective, creative and flexible dispute resolution process that aims to build consensus between two separating spouses. Mediation is designed to assist clients to resolve their issues when embarking on a divorce. No rushed decisions will be required.
  • The mediation goes at the pace that the clients require and need.

  • Both sides have an opportunity to express their concerns.

  • It is less expensive and confidential unlike going to court.

  • You will learn ways to work together to resolve issues with the help of a highly trained mediator.

  • You will not view this as a fight but rather as a win-win situation.

With the assistance of a highly trained mediator, who is well versed in Child Development coupled with Family Law, who will help you craft a nuanced parenting plan and/or Minutes of Settlement that meets your family's needs.