Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year!

Bye Bye 2020! Welcome, 2021.

It is trite to say that this past year, starting March 2020 has been an unprecedented time to say the least. It has been a most trying and challenging time in most people's lives, if not everyone, who has been touched by the pandemic, on all four corners of the earth. The world has changed overnight and we are all just trying to adjust and pivot as best we can. Although we have witnessed first-hand tragedies and despair, humanity seems resilient and strong as we forge into the unknown future. Truth be told, the future is always unknown and not predictable. 

Businesses have been shuttered and many have sheltered at home given municipality and regional regulations. Loneliness and despair along with domestic abuse and child abuse have been on a steady uptick as people are under tremendous pressure in these most challenging times.

The divorce rate coupled with families under great strain and stress has been in the news and likely will be researched for decades to come. During this holiday season may we take much-needed time to spend with loved ones and be grateful for the memories we create.

The pandemic has taught me more than ever to cherish the small things in life, pay heed to daily gratitude for all things big and small and most importantly to be present in the moment. Much is not in our control and certainly, the pandemic has reminded us of this and even more so punctuated this fact. 

I know most if not all can hardly wait to say goodbye to 2020 and usher in the new year of 2021. May we all merit to see better days. I will certainly toast to that!