No Justice in Going to Court- a loss on all sides- Emotional, Financial and Mental well being!!

Parents need to consider the ramifications of taking matters to court rather than settling out of court through ADR- Alternative Dispute Resolution such as Mediation- open or closed, Med-Arb or better yet through Collaborative Law. Anyone worth listening to will tell you that there is no winning in court. It is a huge loss on both sides, financial, stress, mental health compromised and continued court proceedings that never seem to end. 

You can easily end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars and still be left with no justice rendered. Parents can be in breach of court order after order and this never ends. A total waste of time, money and energy is spent by the parents. Affidavits are often times filled with frivolous and salacious allegations that are ill-founded. 

Given that anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of litigants are unrepresented, it leaves the courts with having to manage very high conflict cases – where oftentimes Personality Disorders are at play. 

Winning is not the appropriate outcome. What is best- is to put the Best Interest of the children first and foremost. Court is just a constant revolving door where there may be no end - and may feel as though justice was not rendered. Alternative dispute resolution should be sought in advance of any decisions to go the litigious route through the family court system.

Seek books that speak to Healthy Divorce. See my links on my website for further places for help and knowledge.