Negotiating Parenting Plans

What is the best parenting plan? There is no one parenting plan that is a good fit for any one family. Families are nuanced and often have one or two children at different developmental ages and stages that require a individualized parenting plan. While consistency is important, equally important is to also have flexibility in your parenting plan. High conflict families tend not to have the luxury of flexibility in their parenting plans given the level of discord.   

Parenting plans span from 2–2–3 or a 2–2–5 to week-about between the two homes. Additionally, mid-weeks visits and extended holiday time added to the regular schedule. One wants to limit transfers while at the same time having frequent and regular contact to both parents. Mitigating the effects of divorce is critical by relying on consistency, routine and effective communication between divorced parents. A skilled mediator can assist in honing in on the best parenting plan for you and your family.