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Consultation Services for Counsel

Ilana Tamari is available to consult to counsel for pre-trial prep, and/or pre-trial prep. She may assist in helping counsel prep their clients for discoveries and testifying. Ilana may be retained per hour or as part of an estimate to assist with case analysis and assess the merits of the case. No report is issued, rather an analysis is provided and opinions are considered by way of memo to file, email and/or telephone. Often reading material is sent in advance so that an estimate can be provided. 

Typically, even the larger consultation projects are not costly but are time sensitive in nature. For smaller consultations, Ilana bills by the hour. Ilana's specialty is assessing nuanced parenting plans and best interests of children given their stage and age. Ilana has a further interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder children, who require unique, specialized parenting plans given the unique diagnosis of ASD. A further interest is IPV, and coercive controlling behaviour Lawyers may consult with Ilana during and after working hours.