Your Ex is not your Child's Ex!

“Your Ex is Not your Child’s Ex” The Latin root for Divorce is “divortere” meaning to divert. Divorce does not mean to sever; it just means to find a new path. Many parents fail to realize and recognize that although their ex-husband or ex-wife is their Ex- it is not their child or their children Ex. Your children do not have an Ex- rather they still have their loving Mother and Father. It is also important to remember and keep in mind always that your children will become what you are- so be what you want them to be. In other words, ensure that you are their best role model and they will hopefully take their cues from you and flourish into wholesome and well-rounded human beings. When co-parenting…It is not a competition between two homes but rather it’s a collaboration of parents doing, what is best for their children. Remember when co-parenting that “An ounce of Mediation is worth a pound of Arbitration and a ton of Litigation.”