Children Going Back to School - In Person

Now that we are heading into a third year of the pandemic, and children are returning to school, some things to consider as we forge onward with optimism and a return to in-person learning. Some children may be returning for the first time for in-person learning and socializing rather than online. Patience and education may be needed to help foster a smooth transition as our children learn to navigate social situations again. Transitions can be difficult for children and more so since the onset of the pandemic. This may have caused increased stress and anxiety for some.

3 Takeaways:

  1. Patience is needed for both parents and children. Time is essential to "settling" into a new transition period as children return back to in-person learning.
  2. Encourage play dates and interactions outdoors to continue to foster socialization.
  3. Provide for "virtual" connections to supplement in-person.

Following guidelines set out by Justices Himel and Pazaratz, where parents should adhere to their parenting plans as a guide to navigate these times.

May this school year (2022/2023) be a great start to your continued child's education.