A Teenagers' Perspective Part II - COVID-19

I am a teenager in my senior year of high school. As I am in my last year, I am to graduate in June. Due to COVID-19 and an unforeseen future, my school, the school administration, teachers, and my fellow graduates are unsure of whether there will be a 2020 graduation celebration this year or not. My fellow peers are angry and upset as we all know deep down that there is a likely possibility we will not have our graduation - at least in person - in June - due to the rise in the spread of COVID-19.  I, for one, am not upset about this. Yes, I may not graduate in June, I may not have my senior prom or attend my Graduation trip to the USA (Chicago), yes I will not have a big birthday bash for my 18th birthday this year, but I say that's okay. There are those who are losing their jobs, struggling to pay their bills and pay for basic necessities such as food, there are the elderly who cannot be visited by friends and family due to quarantine, businesses have gone out of business as the economy is slowly shutting down. The world as we know it has changed. Our day-to-day routines have changed. And people in my grade are concerned that we won't have a prom? I mean, I understand their frustration, but people are dying due to this virus. They are living comfortably in their homes - thank G-d - they have food on their tables and their immediate families around them while others have nothing. This is the time for people to be appreciative of all they have and have been given. This is NOT the time to be pondering on what we do not have or cannot do because we are restricted due to COVID-19. As terrible as this pandemic is, this is the time to be thankful and aware of what they have in their lives. To recognize how good we have it and not what we're missing.