The "Grey Divorce" using ADR- If it is Bill and Melinda's First Choice- why not yours?

"Bill and Melinda not the only high-net-worth couple whose divorce playbook is ahead of the curve."- By Laurie Pawlitza, of Torkin Manes LLP

For a full link to the article please click below: After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Milda Gates have decided to part ways and get a divorce. It is oftentimes referred to as the "Grey Divorce", where the children of the marriage are grown up and there is a significant amount of assets to divide. If Melina and Bill Gates have opted for an ADR process (Alternative Dispute Resolution process), why is the public not opting more often than not for this process, which is private, expeditious, and cost-effective!? Maybe because they are ahead of the curve? Likely so, in my humble opinion.

What do you have to lose by opting for an ADR process, either mediation or mediation/arbitration!?

A great and astute post by Laurie H. Pawlitza who is a senior partner in the family law group at Torkin Manes LLP in Toronto, so aptly said below as it was published in the Financial Post on May 14, 2021:

"For many wealthy separating couples in Canada, it takes a small army of professionals to disentangle their financial affairs