10 Reasons to Mediate

10 Reasons to Mediate Now:

Mediation is fair and neutral. ... Mediation saves time and money. ... Mediation is confidential. ... Mediation avoids litigation. ... Mediation fosters cooperation. ... Mediation improves communication. ... Mediation helps to discover the real issues. ... Mediation assist in coming to agreement. ... Mediation provides closure and ability to move on with ones' life. 

What are advantages and disadvantages of mediation?
Advantages include: 
Control, CostsPrivacy, and Relationships
The primary disadvantage is that there is no certainty of resolving the matter.

What is the main purpose of mediation?

Clear up misunderstandings, determine underlying interests and concerns, find areas of agreement, and incorporate those areas into solutions devised by the parties themselves.

What are the possible outcomes of a mediation? Obviously, the best outcome would be a settlement or agreement. Keep in mind that to reach a settlement of the case, both sides are going to have to concede things in the mediation. Both sides go away a little bit unhappy, yet pleased at arriving at a concrete and workable agreement.